The Daniel company was established in 1993 and from the very beginning its aims have been to manufacture the highest quality orthopedic shoes for children. Their products are recognized as the best orthopedic shoes by IPS in Krakow, Poland. Daniel shoes answer the needs of all caring parents. These are the best children’s shoes for healthy feet, perfect for wearing at home, nursery or pre-school. The health inspired structure of Daniel shoes gives comfort and joy when walking. When parents choose walking shoes for little tots, they think about the best choice and that's what the Daniel shoes are! Ensuring healthy growing feet these shoes are: Made with natural leather, which helps absorb moisture They are a good solution for both skinny and bulky feet Have very elastic soles One of their advantages is they include a “Thomas's Heel.” This is a shoe correction consisting of a heel about 0.5 inch (1 cm) longer and slightly higher on the inside. The purpose of the Thomas Heel is to give added support under the arch of the foot. The entire collection can be described as being: “HEALTHY AND OF GOOD TRADITION”