Emel Emel children’s footwear is entirely made by hand. The shoes are manufactured in such a perfect way that they are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product. Beautifully crafted using the finest Italian leather, Emel shoes are known internationally for unquestionable quality and comfort and are now available in the United Kingdom. Emel is most famous for making a babies first pair of walking shoes, which really are the most important shoes in the world, because they have a direct influence on the healthy development of children’s feet. The shoes are uniquely handmade by professional artisans who take care of children’s feet from the beginning of the manufacturing process. Emel shoes are so carefully and perfectly well made that they come with the company’s legendary Lifetime Guarantee. The shoes are created on lasts and left to set from 12 to 36 hours, which allows the leather to relax and take its proper shape. That way they can be assembled without the use of plastic stiffeners and metallic nails. In addition, Emel produces its own soles making them very flexible and anti-slip. Emel First Shoes are very lightweight with anatomical leather insoles, on thin foam, which is also ventilated to prevent perspiration. Whilst style and fashion remain important, what counts most is the child’s comfort. The company’s primary aim is to ensure comfort, enabling children’s feet to grow and develop in a healthy way. Hand assembly is critical because no machine is able to sense effectively the delicate tension to be applied during production - human hands are irreplaceable in the production of Emel children’s shoes. High quality, veg-tanned Italian leather as the main structural component has a direct impact on the comfort, functionality and appearance of each shoe. Leather selection is in the hands of the company owner who sets Emel’s exceptionally demanding requirements for tanners. All leather used by Emel is free of carcinogenic chromium Emel is the recipient of numerous product certificates, awards and distinctions such as “EU GUARANTEE OF BEST QUALITY”, “Super Product”, “Laurel of the Consumer”. Worldwide, the premium quality of Emel shoes is recognised and appreciated by parents and more importantly, by orthopaedists. Your children deserve to have the very best available and there is nothing better for them than Emel shoes.