The Mrugala company was established in the 1980's and from the very beginning it's aim was to produce first-class children’s footwear. These are the best children shoes, which are produced exclusively in Poland. Customers have confidence in, appreciate and recognise the highest quality and interesting design of Mrugala's products. The best raw materials and design are used to make these orthopaedic shoes which ensure the comfort and correct development your child’s feet. Mrugalas products are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure their shoes are long lasting and practical. The shoes are also designed in beautiful colours in accordance with the latest fashion trends. Mrugala shoes provide comfort and safety when worn. The soles are made from the best Italian leather. They are specially designed for their little users. Natural leather gives highest hygiene levels for your child’s little feet. Comfortable, adjustable straps and classic shoelaces make Mrugala shoes the perfect fit for your little ones. The heel holds your child’s feet in the correct posture. The wide, stiffened toe box gives toes free movement and also protects them from injuries. Shaped latex foam insoles fit to the anatomical shape of each foot. The fleecy texture perfectly adjusts to the leg and an upper collar with foam filling protects feet from chafing. The Mrugala company has produced healthy children's shoes for over 25 years. The first years of a child’s life are important for the development of feet. Moreover, choosing Mrugala's footwear ensures the normal development of a child’s feet and minimises the risk of the any foot problems in later life.