About Our Brands

About the brands we sell We want you to know that all the brands we sell here at Apple Fit are the ones that we have tested ourselves as parents. Our boutique itself was a genuine idea for sharing our findings when it comes to children’s footwear. Both of us, Maggie a mother of Timmy and Aleks, and Eva a mother of Maya and Leon, were struggling to get hold of pretty but above all healthy shoes for our children in the shops. This was especially difficult at the time when our toddlers were setting their first steps. The shoes in the shops were looking lovely but they didn’t meet all the important criteria healthy children footwear should have. Most of the shoes available on the market were heavy – far too heavy for those little feet, or too stiff on the sole, making them impractical for such a small person. The materials used were often artificial and the shoes wouldn’t breath. There are many important features the healthy shoe should have and we want to assure you that the brands we sell are fulfilling those criteria. We don’t sell shoes we wouldn’t put on our children’s feet – or our children wouldn’t be happy to wear.