Price & Payment

1. Price & Payment

We take care to price our products correctly and the prices are displayed on the product pages and on the
order pages during the checkout process.
If it happens that the price somehow turns out to be incorrect, please contact us to make us aware.

To place an order you need to use credit or debit card and you need to be authorised to use it.

We process our payments via PayPal but that does not require you to have a PayPal account.

We don’t dispatch orders until we receive the payment.

2. Promotions & Discount Codes

We enjoy appreciating you lovely people and would love to create lasting relation with you and your Little Ones!!!

2.1 Promo codes

We try to reward you as often as we can offering discounts to use against your next purchase.
They are in the form of promotional codes which we may email to you or send you with your current order.
There might be some conditions related to the vouchers like expire date so bear this in mind.
We like to reward you if you submit a review, tag us on your social media or recommend to your friends.
Make sure we can see your posts and recommendations – we will be in touch with a discount code

2.2 Seasonal Promotions

We tend to run seasonal discount promotions or we reduce price on end of lines or selected models
(ie last pair in the model range). For those promotions, if the shoes turn out to be unsuitable,
they can be returned for a full refund excluding delivery charge), and you need to return them
to us on your own expense.