Privacy & Cookies Policy

Privacy and Cookies Policy

Yet another boring bit (sorry!!!) but how important! The Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy form part
of the Terms and Conditions and here we will tell you how and why we collect your personal information
when you are using our website.

For the purpose of data protection legislation – for all our services – we, Applefit Baby Boot-ik Ltd.,
are responsible for your privacy.

By submitting your information to us, we take it as you are giving us a permission for the processing of
those information in lines with our Privacy Policy.

You can at any time withdraw your permission by emailing us at

2. Personal information we collect

In order for us to fulfil our contract with you, we need to gather some information like: your name, address,
email address, phone or mobile number and payment method.

The UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) sets out a number of different lawful grounds
under which companies may collect and process your personal data.
The UK GDPR replaced the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 when the UK left
the European Union. The UK GDPR includes the same provisions as the previously applied GDPR.

3. How we collect your Data

We collect information in two ways:
- You submit the information to us yourself
- We collect the information about you automatically

4. You submit your Data

You submit your information to us when you contact us through our website, by telephone email or any other
means (i.e.. social media). This includes information you provide when you sign up to receive emails from us,
register your customer account, place an order with us (with or without registering for an account) or when
you are kind to report any problems with our website.

5. When we collect your Data

To the extend, our servers will collect information about your visit to our website.
This information is gathered to help us make improvements so you can enjoy our website even more in the
Data collected automatically may include your Internet Protocol address (IP address), full URL
(Uniform Resource Locator) clickstream to, through and from our site; products you viewed and searched
for, the date, times and frequency with which you access our website.
In general we gather information is about the way you interact with our website and its content.

5.1 Consent
Sometimes we will ask you for your permission to process your data when you sign up to receive
our newsletter or when you register for customer account.

5.2 Legal
There might be a situation when we may need to collect and process your data to comply with the
law, such as in the case of suspected fraud and criminal activity.

5.3 Contractual
Main grounds for when we ask you to submit your information to us is when you want to make a purchase,
as we need to process your personal data to fulfil our contract with you and send your order.

5.4 Legitimate
We do occasionally send out marketing emails to our lovely customers who shopped with us before.
This should not affect you in a negative way and is reasonable and legitimate as part of running our business.

6. So to sum it all up, we use your information in different ways and for different reasons, depending
on the nature of the information.
Please have a look and read the following list highlighting what we do and why we do it.

> Your name & contact details

When we collect your name and contact details it is our CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATION as this enables us
to fulfil your order. This may include sending order updates on your order’s status and to ensure
successful delivery.
We are always excited about new arrivals at our boutique so we may send you some news about that to.
It can be via email, sms or post.
If you haven’t shopped with us yet, but gave us your consent, we may send you marketing information
by email, by post or sms.
Our LEGAL OBLIGATION will be to share your name and contact details to prevent and detect fraud
against either you or ourselves.
Within our LEGITIMATE INTERESTS lay to improve our website and your customer experience.
We aim to make sure we are helping you to find suitable product suggestions and inform you about latest
products and offers – this all will require using your personal details information.

> Your contact history

When we collect your contact history with us (i.e. what you have said to us on the phone or when you
wrote to us either via email or social media). It’s on the basis of our CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATION and
in response to your enquiries.
It allows us to provide you with customer service as well as learn and improve our customer service skills
in the future.

> Your payment information

When we collect your payment information it is our CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATION, as it is necessary
to fulfil your order. Please stay assured though we don’t retain any payment information at Applefit Baby Boot-ik Ltd.
We may need to use your payment information to prevent and detect fraud against either you or ourselves.

> Your purchase history

When we collect information about your purchase history and saved items, it is to provide CUSTOMER
SERVICE AND SUPPORT; for instance when you select a pair of shoes and put it into your online shopping
basket, you can then easily check out. Your order will be assigned with a number which then will be used
to provide aftersales help as well as process returns should you require that. This knowledge also
helps us to understand what our customers like so we will provide useful information for us in the future.

> Your device data

When we collect information about your device and how you use our website is its within our LEGIMATE
INTERESTS. This may help us to know what your preferences are – either using a mobile phone, laptop
or computer. We then may use it to improve our services to give you better experience in return.
You device usage information can also be used to protect our website to prevent and detect fraud against
you or ourselves.

> Sometimes we may introduce a survey or promotion in the form of competition. These will have
their separate terms and conditions where you will need to give us your consent to use any information
gathered during that competition.

7. Who we share your personal data with?

We don’t have any intention in selling your personal data to anyone. However, we need to share it
with companies who provide services to us, so we are able to fulfil our contract with you.
Those services include: payment service providers, delivery companies, professional service providers
such as those who help us with a bit of marketing, promotion and advertising.

We share your data with credit reference agencies, law enforcement and fraud prevention agencies,
so we can protect both you and ourselves against fraud.

We also share your information approved by you, such as any social media platforms.

We only share information which is necessary to carry out a specific service related to the purpose
of our contract with them.
We will not share your personal information with any other third party.

We use following companies:
- Hermes courier service
- Royal mail
- Google
- Facebook
- Instagram
- WhatsApp

8. Keeping your information

We will keep your information for up to 7 years from the date of your last order with us.
In case we are required to meet legal requirements, we may hold some of your data after that date.

9. Your rights

In line with UK GDPR you have the right to:>
- Be informed about how your personal data is used>
- Access the personal data we hold about you>
- Request that we rectify any incorrect information that we hold about you>
- Receive the information that you have provided to us>
- Request that we delete your personal data or stop processing it or collecting it, unless it is>
required for business operations such as tax or legal matters>
- Request that we transfer your data or parts of it to another data controller (service provider)>
- Complain to your data protection regulator>

If you wish to exercise your rights please contact us at
To respond to your request we will need to identify you first so will require a proof of identity and address.

10. Keeping your data secure

We use technical and organisational measures to safeguard the information we collect by storing it
on secure servers.
Only authorised individuals with genuine business needs have access to your data and will handle it in
confidential manner.

We will immediately let you know if we suspect any security breach and notify the appropriate regulatory

When we have given you password to access your customer account you are responsible for keeping it safe.
If you notice any misuse or loss or unauthorised access to your data, please also inform us immediately
via email:

If you would like to find out about how to protect your information and your computers and devices against
fraud, identity theft, viruses and many other online problems, please visit “Get Safe Online”
is supported by HM Government and leading businesses.

We have published this Privacy Policy on 4 June 2021 and we reserve the right to change. Any updates
made will be published on this page.


When you visit our website we use cookies and here you can find out about what cookies are and how they
relate to your privacy online.

1. What are cookies & why we use them

Cookies are small text files placed on your device (computer or smartphone) when you are using a website.
Cookies are commonly used to collect personal data hence they link to Data Privacy Policy and GDPR.
Cookies are placed on the browser or a hard drive of your device to gather information about the use of
our website and enable the website to recognise you as an existing customer when you return to our website
at a later date. For example, if you select a language to view our website the first time you visit,
cookies saves that preference for you so it makes it more convenient for your next visit.
Other example is that when you log in and put products in your online basket, cookies will remember that.
Cookies are not a spyware or a viruses and data transmitted by cookies does not contain your name, address,
phone number or payment details.

2. What type of cookies do we use & why

2.1 Temporary cookies
Temporary cookies are also called session cookies as they are stored on your device
only temporarily
- as long as you are using our website. Once you close the browser, session
cookies are automatically deleted. These type of cookies allow you to navigate through the pages
of our site easily and complete.

2.2 Permanent cookies
Permanent cookies are also called persistent cookies as they remain on your device’s browser if the
session has closed. Permanent cookies can remember your login details and password so that you don’t
need to re-enter it every time you visit our site. They also can measure and analyse how you use our site
to improve its functionality and your shopping experience.
These types of cookies are deleted after 12 months.

2.3 Flash cookies

Flash cookies are also known as super cookies as they are independent from the web browser.
You may have Adobe Flash installed on your device. Websites that contain Flash can also store small files
on your device that are used in the same way as cookies. Flash cookies can back up that data that is
stored in other cookies. Even after all cookies have been deleted, your website browser will still
recognise you as the flash cookies would not be affected.

2.4 Third-party cookies

We may work with other companies which can use their own cookies – these are called third-party cookies.
They are usually temporary or persistent cookies and their aim is to collect certain information like
demographics or spending habits. It is to deliver ads relevant to you as well as limit the number of add
you see and help us measure the effectiveness of our campaigns.

If you use Facebook or Instagram or other social media platforms to share products and content, these
companies may set their cookie on your device.

Cookies do not contain sensitive information such as your name, address, phone number or payment details.

3. Blocking and deleting cookies

Most cookies can be deleted or blocked. To delete or block a cookie you need to find a folder or a file on your
device where cookies are stored and delete/block it. Usually “Help” section on your browser should provide
you with instructions. You need to be aware that many functionalities of our website are strictly related
to cookies and blocking those cookies will affect our sites performance and your experience.

4. Your consent

By using our website we take it you agree on us placing such cookies on your device and accessing them
when you visit the site in the future.