Great News!! we are so excited to introduce new cathegory of products - special occasions shoes!!!

Wether it be your special day and you need a pair of flower girls shoes for your baby or footwear to complement a smart page boy's outfit you can find a perfect pair here! Or maybe you are looking for a baby shower gift? How about getting "First Baby Shoes" for a First Birthday of your friend's bundle of joy? You are in the right place!!!

Hit any cathegory on our main page and scroll to "Special Occasions".

Here at Applefit we are proud to stock not only beautiful baby and toddler shoes but above all,
best quality shoes, which support healthy growing of your baby's feet.

You may not be aware of those important features, so lets list some of the crutial things you need to look out to
when purchasing a fresh pair of toddler footwear.

First of all, babie's shoes need to be lightweight and flexible.

The soles should be made out of material which is bendy but also with some resistance to prevent slipping.
Our shoe brands use very high quality rubbers.

Little childrens' ankles are not yet fully developed and they should be stabilised with a slightly raised collar.

Make sure that toe box is wide enough to provide growig room for those wiggly toes.

Velcro fastening is quick and easy, but laces provide better adjustment and snuggle fitting.
Its a better option to Velcro if your baby is tempted to play with the shoes, which may result in loosing them!
(you can double-tie the laces)

Pay attention to fabric/material the shoes are made out of.. Most of our ranges are made out of real leather
hence offering good breathibility.

Hope you find this information useful and will find a perfect pair for your child here at Applefit Baby Boot-ik :-)