Once upon a time

Once upon a time little Maya and Aleks were out running with their mummies. They were laughing and playing games and even ate apples straights from the trees. Then the little Maya's mom said: - On the way back home we need to stop off at the shoe shop and check your feet children if they have grown since the last time. …but they have lost their way... Then the warm wind has lifted them up to the sky and popped them on the beautiful rainbow where they could see everything from above. …but they could not see any shoe shop… - Hello lovely mums and gorgeous little ones! Why are you looking so sad? - said a low voice in their ears. Looking up they noticed the most beautiful caterpillar they have ever seen. - Oh! We are looking for some shoes for our children but we cannot find any shop - said Aleks's mom. - The task is hard - said caterpillar - but when your heart is filled with loving thoughts, some duty well preformed …. Suddenly they could hear the chime; Caterpillar was holding beautiful flower and both mummies and children could see arising from the flower the sweetest and the softest pair of shoes for each child. - This is for you to reward you and gladden you – said caterpillar. - You are such a generous caterpillar - said Maya's mom, and she added: thank you for this lovely gift, but shall we ever see you more? If you would only stay with us, we would never be lost again. - I cannot stay my dear ones but when another spring comes I shall be here again to see how well the gift has done its work. Farewell now my dear ones; be faithful to yourselves and the magic flower will never fade. And by the touch of a magic wand the caterpillar transformed into the most beautiful butterfly and flew away among the blue clouds, singing and floating in the sky. The pleasant days of spring and summer passed away. In the autumn the magic flower was blooming and growing beautiful and bright again, dropping loveliest shoes of all. There was so many different shoes that Aleks and Maya could share with other children too! Mummies and children were watching others with joy seeing how blossom flower makes their little feet happy.